Welcome to
RD Group

RD Group is a multi-national technology conglomerate reimagining how blockchain interacts with everyday life. Powered by RD Group’s native blockchain solution, Mojiola Blockchain, our group of companies is on a mission to revolutionize how blockchain can be utilized across different sectors of industry like healthcare, education, oil and gas, manufacturing, production, and logistics, among others, to deliver turnkey digital solutions.

With a growing presence across a fast-evolving digital landscape, RD Group’s enterprises continue to innovate blockchain-based solutions and products, redesigning them for use across various industries. The group’s overarching vision is to help businesses across markets unlock financial freedom and operational efficiency through the effective use of blockchain technology. We are building a digital future where blockchain and top human talent work seamlessly together to create societal value.

Our mission, at the start, is to disrupt existing operational paradigms across the healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, production, and delivery ecosystems to bring real value to all stakeholders. Using our native Mojiola Blockchain, RD Group is developing a DEX platform, Sumato Exchange, a new-and-improved native coin, Jiola Coin, an up-and-coming virtual digital bank, Tranzfa, and a multi-vendor B2B and B2C e-commerce platform, Hello Cannabiz, that safely and reliably connects organic medicine stakeholders across the value chain.

At the same time, RD Group is passionate about giving back to the community. Through its philanthropic arm, The Salisu Foundation, the organization supports education and healthcare projects, especially for women, in marginalized communities around the world.